Web Design

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We design fully bespoke, intuitive and beautiful websites

Your stunning new website will look great and reflect your business online perfectly

We understand that your on-line presence is important. Our website developers have an in depth understanding of the constantly changing on-line environment and the behaviours of Internet users. Our experience and infrastructure ensures that the websites we design, develop and optimise exceed our client’s expectations. We know the every business has different requirements on the web and we need to effectively reflect the image and style of your company through your website.

We offer best e-commerce solutions

Everything you need to sell on-line

You no longer have to push a shopping cart to the correct aisle, or scout for the desired product. On an e-commerce website, you can click through intuitive navigation or use a search box to immediately narrow down your product search. Store timings are now 24/7/365 as e-commerce websites can run all the time. For merchant this increases the number of orders they receive and customers are happy because the store is “always open”, therefore more convenient. The automation of checkout, billing, payments, inventory management and other operational processes, lowers the number of employees required to run the business. We have an expert knowledge of payment gateway options available for your on-line shop developments.

Search Engine Optimization

The best way to maximize earnings from web traffic

SEO is an investment with a high return. It will increase your sales without proportionately increasing your marketing costs, thereby growing profits exponentially and over time. SEO can further all your business goals at a better return on investment than most other comparable forms of online marketing because of this fundamental effect of better conversions and more sales at little incremental cost. Assuming that everybody has heard about your brand or thinks that you’re the best place to buy can be a very costly mistake. People are constantly researching good deals, and are using the social-driven Web for comparison shopping. And price conscious shopping behavior is more common in tough financial times, when consumers spend their money more cautiously. We can make your website rank on the first page of Google!

Social media integration

Generate more business exposure through social media

One of the most powerful ways to use social media is as a brand-building tool. With social media, you get to decide how you want to position your company and what you want people to know about what you do. With consistent effort and great content, you can build a reputation for your brand around your company’s values, benefits, and advantages. Having a substantial social media audience creates a snowball effect that can attract new customers and all kinds of other opportunities. Social media network marketing has become an integral part of any marketing strategy. It is a fantastic way to reach a huge audience quickly and easily and it can be a leading traffic generator.

Domains and web hosting

Essential to get your website up and running

A domain name is an address on the Internet. Just as your street address must be unique so that the post office can deliver mail to you, and your telephone number must be unique so that customers can call you, your domain name must be unique so your e-mail reaches you and customers can visit your website. You will also need a server that will host your new website and email. All this may seem a bit confusing but we make the process easy and pain free! Whatever your needs are for online success, we offer the right solution! We guarantee maximum reliability thanks to the geo-redundant hosting of your website in two geographically separate data centers.







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