Does your business need a website?

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website-designLike all successful business people you’ve worked hard to grow your business and build strong relationships with your customers. Maybe now is the time to take your business one step further. Billions of pounds are spent on the internet each year. Your company can be part of this growing trend.
So should your business have a website, even if your business is small and sells products or services you don’t think can be sold online? The answer is a resounding Yes. If you have a business, you should have a website. Period. No question.


Only well designed and optimized website will help your business!


Broaden your customer base: A web presence is the easiest way to reach more prospective customers. Your site can reach people world-wide, or be optimized for your local market. The choice is yours.


Increase profits: A well-designed web page, with good content, will make sales. And with more people being aware of your business, more sales will follow. As you know, sales is a numbers game.


Save money: Instead of spending thousands of pounds on printed brochures, you can direct people to your web page.


Save time: One of the best pages to include on your site will be a FAQ. You can list all the questions that potential customers usually ask you about your business. You can explain at length the benefits of what you offer and they can read about it at their convenience, anytime – day or night. It’s like having a 24-hour salesman.


Trust & Credibility: When you tell a customer your service is great they may doubt you. But with a testimonial page on your web site it’s not you talking. It’s a long list of satisfied customers.


Our design team understands how to create a website that is easy for your customers to use. The mission of your business will be clear to everyone visiting your site. And they’ll know exactly what their next step should be to contact you.


Call us today on 020 3086 7882 for a FREE quote. Let us take your business to another level.


I drowned my laptop, what to do?

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Many users remember the dreadful moment when they were franticly trying to catch a glass of favourite drink before it went directly onto their laptop. Unfortunately some times it ends in disaster, maybe your reflex was not up to scratch or you had a clumsy day – the end result – your computer is soaking wet. What should you do in this situation?

drowned laptop

There are few steps you can take to try to save your laptop and it’s essential you act fast. Of course there is no guarantee you succeed but at least you stand a chance:

  • Disconnect the computer from the power supply – both AC adapter and remove the battery
  • Set the computer so that the liquid can drain freely (if it got flooded on the LCD screen, you should wipe it gently with paper, in order to gather as much liquid ass possible from the surface)



Make sure not to turn on the laptop without proper cleaning. Even if it will start, the liquid left on the motherboard will result in permanent damage to your laptop. The cost of replacing damaged components often makes the repair uneconomical and definitely is much higher than the cost of processional cleaning.

If you feel confident and know how to do it you can try to disassemble your laptop, use suitable detergents, rinse and then dry it thoroughly. You may be able to restore the machine to life.
Otherwise, it is best to seek processional help as soon as possible. Don’t delay the repair as this will reduce the likelihood of cheaper repairs, limited to cleaning the equipment.

If you need professional help email or call us now 020 3086 7882


Laptop switching off due to overheating, what can I do?

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If your laptop is getting hot and switching off it may be caused by dust collecting in the cooling system. After prolonged use every laptop require cleaning of the cooling system.The largest amount of dust and dirt is deposited inside of the heat sink and fan.If your laptop hasn’t been cleaned for long time the air ducts can get completely clogged with dust, pet hair, etc.

dusty fan

Lack of air circulation causes a rapid rise in temperature inside the case and a number of problems with the operation of the laptop and may cause permanent damage.


The most common symptoms of laptop overheating:

  • laptop casing getting very hot
  • increased noise due to fan working at high speed
  • laptop crashes and freezes
  • noticeable decrease in performance
  • unexpected shutdowns

You may try to clean the laptop yourself if you feel confident enough to do it, however we do not recommend to do this as you may cause permanent damage to the laptop. You should also avoid using compressed air to clean the dust. If there is a small dust deposit it may do the trick but in case there is a large dust deposit using compressed air can cause dust to block the fan blades which will result in permanent damage to the processor and graphics card.


The only legitimate solution for heavily dusted laptop is to physically open the case, clean the cooling system and replace the conductive thermal paste between the heat sink and processor as well as graphics card.


In order to perform a thorough cleaning and servicing your laptop should be booked for the repair with the professional. You can email us or call 020 3086 7882 to arrange the repair.

Microsoft Office installation error 1731

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You may come across error number 1731 during the installation of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 . It is caused by “remnants” of previously installed version of Microsoft Office. According to the recommendations on solving this problem you should remove all the components of the old Office package. In many cases this is not enough:



You can find a solution clicking on the link below:


Microsoft update KB2438651


After repairing the system you will be able install new Microsoft Office.

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